Thursday, April 12, 2012

Back to Basics

Yesterday I finally tried a Barre Pilates class. The most popular brand of this workout routine seems to be PureBarre, but there is not a PureBarre studio in my area. I scoured the internet looking for something similar close to home and came up empty. Thankfully, my friend Virginia (who graciously tried Bikram Yoga with me) knew of a studio about 3 miles from my house.

I signed up for "Barre Formation Plus" at Transformation Pilates Studio which is the basic barre class with a little cardio thrown in. My first class was free and the teacher, Alison, was fabulous! She was so welcoming and really had time to work with all of us individually because the class was so small. She even did a lot of the exercises with us (and she is 5 months pregnant with twins, so she is obviously committed)!!

I knew I would enjoy this class because it reminded me of my days as a ballerina, warming up on the bar (well, this was more intense, but the same technique was there). My legs were shaking when I left, partly due to my lack of exercise recently, and feel nice and sore this morning. Sore legs are a sign of a good workout!

I signed up for a month unlimited of barre classes--hopefully to get my butt in gear and my body ready for bikini season! I'm glad this week's exercise experiment turned out better than the last.