Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Much Needed Vacation

This weekend I am going to Miami to visit my friend Andrea. She lives in the heart of downtown, close to the beach, and I'm hoping some shopping! I am excited to spend the weekend in Miami, it's warm and I will be able to lay out and get a tan (well okay, probably not a tan, but I'll take anything at this point, I'm beginning to look like Casper). I'm also super excited to go out on the town and be able to get dressed up. Very rarely do I go out in Jacksonville. 1. Everything is so far away and getting a cab is a fortune. 2. I can never stay awake because I normally go to bed at 9 (granny status). And 3. Did I mention granny status? I like Jeopardy and a big glass of red wine in my jammies. Lame and I love it.

On Sunday I participated in the Donna Breast Cancer Marathon. I ran 5 miles in 58 minutes. I am no champion but for me, this is great! I had a wonderful time but I was exhausted! We had to get up at 5:00am to get to the race which started at 7:30am. It was FREEZING. I had to wear shorts though because I wouldn't actually start running until 9:00 when it was warmer. Also, I hate running in pants! I now know that next year I need to bring some throw away sweatpants and a sweatshirt to wear in the morning. Aside from that minor detail, and the fact that the shuttle system was less than perfect, I had a great time.

On Monday it was Valentine's Day. Wahooooo. :) My mom, dad, and brother (and of course the two pups) were my valentines. My brother even went out and bought us chocolate. We had steak, wine, and watched Watson kick serious ass on Jeopardy! Oh, and did I mention that my dad and I have watched every episode of Pretty Little Liars together? He is obsessed and I love that he now asks me every Monday if there is a new episode.

Ta-Ta for now!

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