Thursday, February 10, 2011


This whole blogging thing is hard to keep up with. I have so many ideas. I just need to take the time to sit down and write them down! I think I'll make this post a potpourri of topics.

1. The Bachelor-Week 6: We are in Costa Rica. Land of love....and large beetle creatures that make their way into your living room (and probably your bed--how romantic). I have just a few things to note. First, let's all just pretend that it wasn't the producers idea to put Chantal in Brad's white button down. Was anyone else grossed out when she came out and all of a sudden he was like "I'll be riiiighhtt back." Ew. We all know what you're doing Brad. Second, are men really attracted to the violent and catty behavior of which Michelle reeks? I know that she's only on the show for ratings at this point, but even a phenomenal actor like Brad (did you see his blood donations PSAs and action movie? AH-mazzzzze. HA.) shouldn't be able to keep a straight face when she's slapping him around like a rag doll and acting like a selfish lunatic. Last, when Alli let out the blood curdling scream while being attacked by a bug (hilarious), did you notice how Michelle casually wrote it off while Brad looked genuinely concerned (for 2.5 seconds, then he was back under Michelle's creepy spell). Seems to me like Michelle is not bothered by what seemed like someone being murdered which just solidifies my prediction that she has in fact been in a insane asylum at one point in her life.

2. Things I bought recently: Got those Aldo boots from the "STUFF!!" post. In LOVE with them, however they have quite the (5 inch) heel on them. I look like Godzilla, but I am proud to wear such beautiful boots. Also bought a great new purse, necklace, and hat from Urban Outfitters. I got some great nail polish from Ulta, a rainbow sparkly one and a khaki/army green one! 

3. This weekend is the Breast Cancer Marathon. I am competing in the Marathon Relay with 4 others. We are each responsible for 5 miles (one person does 6.2). I am excited because this will be the first run that I seriously compete in. I am going to try and run all 5 miles. I have done several 5Ks before, but I never run the entire thing. This will be my first chance to see if I am actually cut out to be a runner! Wish me luck, I'm going to need it!


Kate (Embarrassment of Riches) said...

How did you do with your leg of the marathon? And have you signed up for anything else since? :)

PS I went to the salon and stayed "in-between" - thanks for your vote!

Kristin said...

I did just okay, I did much better this year! I had the 6.2 mile portion over a bridge and completed in 71 minutes...which turned out to be an 11:30min/mi. Not the fastest pace, but longer than I have ever run before!!

I am doing a 15K (the Gate River Run in Jacksonville) on March 10th, so I am training for that now. I hope to complete a half marathon after that!

Thanks for the comment, you may have inspired me to start posting again, I got way too caught up with life for a while there! :)