Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Yikes. It's been awhile. I am obviously not very good at this blog thing. Here's giving it another go!

I guess I should start by what is going on in my life currently...

I will be starting Medical School in 6 months, so my life is about to get turned upside down, I'm sure. I will be moving to South Florida, getting a fancy (ok, not really) apartment, and starting a new life all alone. Well, my pomeranian Bella will be there. Does she count? I do talk to her, so I think she does.

I ran 6.2 miles (part of a marathon relay) for the first time in my life last week. Never thought I would say that. I still don't consider myself a runner, but I am starting to enjoy it considerably more than I used to (when I couldn't even run a tenth of a mile without dropping to the floor). I am running a 15K (9.3 mi) in a couple of weeks and I am nervous/excited/what if my legs fall off?? What's next, and half marathon, then maybe a marathon??? WHO AM I?

I've been reading a lot. I starting a 2012 Book Challenge using the Good Reads site. I'm already on Book 7 of 25! I finally read The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and I loved it! It was a slow start, however I really got into after the first 50 pages. I already bought the second book in the series. I also read a lot of YA books because I like to live through others' (fictional) HS experiences since mine were less than exciting. Seriously, I was a nerd.

I am really really really going to try and blog more often. I want to get a better blog design, and start including more pictures, but one thing at a time.

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