Friday, March 30, 2012

My First 15K

A couple weeks ago, I ran my first 15K (which is about 9.3 miles). This is the longest distance I have ever run in my entire life! The run takes place in Jacksonville, and the weather is a gamble in March. Thankfully, the sky was overcast and it was a tad windy. This was wonderful for the flat parts of the run, but the wind made the two bridges on the course nearly impossible! I didn't practice with bridges, but I managed to complete the race with a personal record! I completed in 1:40:25 which is a pace of 10:46 min/mile. I know this is no race winning pace, but for someone who just started running last year, I am pretty proud of myself!

A friend from work and her husband surprised me right before the last mile of the race with a sign cheering me on. It was a little inside joke from work that really put a smile on my face (actually, it made me cry for a second--a sign of exhaustion!!) and gave me the motivation to finish strong!

Here is the sign:

What's next? Maybe a Half Marathon?? :)

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